Fast food POS Systems in Australia

The fast food POS system takes a pivotal role more than ever for the fast food and takeaway food services industry in Australia. Pushing for the even greater need for point of sale by the fast food sector are fiercer industry competition and pandemic-changed consumer ways, both of which are seen to carry on through in the future. Aside from the basic payment processing and acceptance, fast food point of sale can answer the call for speed, convenience, efficiency, and product innovations that come with fast food restaurant operations. If you’re a fast food owner who’s striving to recover and further grow, you should certainly consider investing in fast food POS to assert your place in an industry dominated by multi-chain brand fast food restaurants.

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POS System For Fast Food Restaurants

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Fast Food POS System As Business Management Solution

Speed and efficiency have always been the driving forces in the heart of fast food restaurant operations. But alongside the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, more business concerns have arrived to challenge the usual fast food set-ups of online ordering and delivery, takeaway, and drive-thru.

Stronger health consciousness, fiercer competition in convenience meals market, and increased need for other ordering platforms pressuring profitability are just among the various developments that the industry faces. Truly, there’s no business product solution other than the POS system that can transform fast food companies towards becoming more adaptive and agile for a well- managed food service business even during disruptive times.

Fast Food POS System For Front- and Back-End Restaurant Management

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Fast Food POS System For Front- and Back-End Restaurant Management

Business Need For Fast Food POS System

Whether you’re serving burgers, chicken, pizza, or foreign cuisine quick meals, a Point Of Sale system will definitely make your fast food business better off. Your fast food POS solution will bring about streamlined operations that can be all facilitated from just a single system. This shall grant you more time to develop your products and services for a stronger market niche in the long run.

The all-in-one POS system, which consists of the POS software, POS hardware, and payment processing, can run your daily business activities from a centralized hub. For both front-of-house and back-end kitchen works, the POS software can install seamless order taking, processing, and tracking systems to avoid long wait time in customer lines. More support for back-end business operations can also be provided by POS software integrations for key functionalities such as in accounting, human resources, and inventory management.

Meanwhile, the POS hardware handles payment processing through its network of machines which include the credit card scanner or mobile payment terminal, cash register, and receipt printer. Various POS machine items that also come handy for easing bottlenecks on the frontline and backend include customer-facing POS terminal displays and kitchen display systems.

POS System Opportunities For Fast Food Businesses

The Covid-19 phenomenon even magnified fast food industry trends that have given shape to a more positive outlook for the already resilient fast food sector. Fast food operators who recognize these trends can convert them into better growth prospects along with the use of the fast food POS system.

  • Increased Health Consciousness. Consumer preferences for healthier, fresher, and more gourmet -inspired fast food meals have grown stronger parallel to pandemic health concerns. Niche offerings and foreign cuisines that have vegan, gluten- and sugar-free content also pose promising market demand. Moreover, the move for ethical food consumption has become more mainstream. A number of consumers now favor meals that are sourced from locally grown and environment-friendly ingredients.Fast food industry operators can leverage new food offerings via flexible POS systems. POS hardware machines such as customer-facing displays and digital menu boards can show customers the food ingredients of their meals. On the other hand, an adaptive POS software should accommodate instant updates in foods and drinks menus.
  • Greater Digitalization. Prior to Covid-19, fast food shops have already adapted to online ordering & delivery and drive-thru options that made them quicker to respond to pandemic restrictions. But with lockdowns and work-from-home directives, there has been the increased consumer need for more ordering platforms that permit contactless transactions. With the POS system, fast food owners can easily integrate a wide range of non-traditional ordering channels like online delivery sites, QR-based smartphone apps, and self ordering kiosks with click and collect mode.

Fast Food POS System Key Features

Fast food POS system features can stretch before you as a long, overwhelming list when you’re a first-time investor in Point Of Sale. Below is a set of essential Point Of Sale system features for you to know what should keep your fast food business running even during times of uncertainty or major disruptions.

  • Integrated Ordering Channels. Whether facing up customers or with zero contact, your fast food POS system must seamlessly integrate customer transactions entered through various ordering channels. Other than the familiar store counter, drive-thru, delivery & pick-up, and takeaways, you should take advantage of digital consumer engagement through website-based ordering, online delivery platforms, QR-based mobile apps, and self-ordering kiosks.
  • Customer Orders Management. Efficiency in operations is very crucial to cut long wait time in customer lines especially during peak lunch or dinner hours. Your fast food Point Of Sale should include customer facing display and kitchen display system (KDS) features to eliminate human errors and kitchen bottlenecks for customer orders fulfillment.
  • Extensive Payment Options. The wide range of payment choices for your customers to choose from is another crucial factor for efficient fast food operations. Whether through cash, card, mobile wallet, or QR based code, your customer must be able to pay swiftly and easily.
  • Marketing & CRM Fusion. The combination of marketing and Customer Relations Management (CRM) functionalities should work well for growing your sales even more. A POS system with these features promises scalable growth as you expand in the future. You can reach out to your customer base via loyalty rewards, email campaigns, and other digital marketing initiatives.
  • Multi-Store Management. Centralize the management of your fast food business through Point Of Sale features that allow multi-branch integration in the areas of inventory management and logistics, employee management, accounting, and data reporting and analytics, among others.
  • Hardware System. Your POS hardware parts must have compatibility with the POS software to have a well functioning POS system. At the least, your POS hardware should consist of a cash register, card reader, POS terminal, and receipt printer to start up your fast food operations.
  • 24/7 Technical & Offline Support. A round-the-clock assistance on technical glitches is necessary for your fast food shop to maximize continuous transactions. Equally important is having a contingency plan should your internet connectivity get busted and you’re rendered offline from your customers.

POS System Cost Considerations Fast Food Owners Must Make

Deciding on the Point Of Sale investment for your fast food store isn’t that easy. You need to consider your budget, company size, and business needs. These considerations must be matched by the relevant Point Of Sale features that will come with your POS machine investment.

The flat rate with add-ons pricing scheme is advisable for first-time POS buyers. This pricing arrangement allows you to focus on essential features and just add on later for additional requirements. At best, it’s wise to generate at least three Point Of Sale system proposals from suppliers. When price quote proposals come in, don’t be absorbed with the absolute face values. What’s more important is to assess the value solutions and features included under each proposal.

The POS hardware usually consumes the biggest amount so be conscious of getting the right quantity depending on your transaction needs. After these, you should decide next on the payment processing which may be supplied by your POS provider or other third party payment processors.

Find POS Systems For Fast Food Business in Australia

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