Bar, Pub & Club POS Systems in Australia

The Point Of Sale (POS) system sways deep into the operational aspect for the biggest technological impact in the bar, pub & club industry. Being a challenging sector with its varied products and services, Australia’s pubs, bars and nightclubs industry has faced even more significant difficulties and changes in recent years brought by increased health consciousness, evolving consumer tastes, and the disruptive Covid-19 pandemic. More than just for basic payment acceptance and processing, the POS system can help bar operations attain operational efficiency. Hence, this leaves longer time for developing more high-quality drinks and food offerings. If you’re a bar, pub, or club business owner, you’ll definitely want to plan out your Point OF Sale investment to stand out from competition and protect your market share.

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Bar, Pub & Club POS System For Business Management

Behind the fun, dynamic, and exciting vibe in bars, providing for the different offerings expected from bar establishments involves great complexity. These include alcoholic beverages, food, live entertainment, dancing venue, games, betting amenities, and happy hour, among others. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the flurry of activities while you may also unfortunately lose sight of your business goals in the process.

However, the use of POS system should keep these from happening to you since managing your business operations can now be done via a single, central hub. Hence, achieving operational efficiency, providing premium quality products and services, and creating amazingly unique customer experiences all at the same time is far from impossible.

Why POS System For Bar, Pub & Club Is Needed For Business

Your POS system should function as an all-in-one business technology product for managing your business. From the POS software, POS hardware, and up to payment processing, all these Point Of Sale elements should facilitate the business management for your bar, pub or club establishment.

The POS software holds the key to allowing business software integrations such as for HR & staff management, online reservations system, inventory management, and happy hour marketing applications. This set-up results in integrated, yet steam-lined operations, without necessarily resulting in additional manpower requirements.

On the other hand, having all possible payment processing suppliers on-board your POS system should answer the need for a hassle-free, fun night hospitality experience in your bar, pub, or club. Finally, the POS hardware parts should take care of payment processing and acceptance through the cash drawers, receipt printers, POS terminal, and card readers.

POS System Opportunities For Bar, Pub & Club Industry

Despite how huge a deterrent Covid-19 has been, bar industry trends have shaped up to contribute to a more optimistic outlook as border lockdowns are more relaxed. Bar, pub, and nightclub business owners who are swift enough to spot these trends can turn these into viable growth opportunities alongside the use of a bar, pub & club POS system.

  • Towards Healthy Options. A healthier wine consumption, that has developed in recent years and stressed even more by the health pandemic, is seen to carry on in the future. While moves are made for more nonalcoholic offerings as healthier options, locally-sourced and environment-friendly ingredients for ethically produced drinks are valued even more. What has also been noticeable is the shift from the previous binge drinking behavior to a more moderate intake for alcohol appreciation. Bars, pubs, & club business owners heavy with product quality enhancements can leverage their efforts through Point Of Sale features like flexible menu display boards, detailed inventory management systems, and customer-facing screen displays.
  • Importance of POS software. The biggest technological impact on the bar, pub & club industry has been seen on the operational side. Maximizing the benefit from the ease of POS software integrations for various business functionalities is instrumental for attaining efficiency in bar operations. An adaptive POS software must allow fast integration with key business software such as for accounting, HR & staff management, & inventory monitoring. Hence, industry operators can get more time to spend developing high quality products for an amazing customer experience in their venues.

Bar, Pub & Club POS System Essential Features

The different activities in the exciting bar scene should be accommodated fully but streamlined for operational efficiency. Hence, the ideal bar, pub & club POS system should be fast, adaptive, and reliable with the features that come with it.

Nevertheless, the POS system best for your business must consider your operational needs and backdrop for it to suffice as one worthy investment. Below you’ll find a list of Point Of Sale features needed to keep your bar operations running smoothly even during times of disruptions.

  • Diverse Ordering Channels. Get customer orders from several ordering points such as online ordering systems, eCommerce platforms, delivery apps, and order at table aided by handheld devices. These connect you to wherever your customers are and help maximize your revenue streams.
  • Bar Tabs & Numerous Payment Solutions. Make it easy for your customers to settle their bills with whatever payment preference they go for —bill splitting, tipping, cash, card payments, or mobile wallets Meanwhile, allowing bar tabs for pre-approved and multiple orders are sure to leave your guests a positive customer experience that’s vital for guests loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Easy Menu Customization. Changes in food and drinks menu should be implemented fast and easy. The same goes for customized cocktail mixes to cater instantly to customer tastes and whims.
  • Inventory Management System. An ideal bar, pub & club POS system should be able to monitor even the most miniscule ingredient poured into cocktails and send notifications for stock reorders. Additionally, it should assist compliance with laws on buy and sale of alcohol via supplier details & purchase quantities.
  • Happy Hour & Marketing Events. A flexible bar POS software should automatically adjust for specific transaction requirements of pre-scheduled events like Happy Hour Friday, Gaming Day Special, Ladies’ Night Treat, and the like. This should eliminate erroneous accounting, faulty marketing activities, and chaotic bar operations from your end.
  • Table Management Feature. Knowing the status of each customer table is helpful for maintaining orderly bar operations. This feature also comes handy in customizing your venue lay-out to accommodate adjustments in your service offerings such as private event hosting, dancing competitions, or live performances.
  • Employee Management. Different skilled workers compose the manpower pool of bars, which include bartenders, waiters, entertainers, kitchen staff, and more. Hence, an employee management feature that puts in order the staff’s working hours, salaries, training schedules, and information access is truly necessary.
  • Data and Reporting. An efficient POS system should let you see the status of your operations anytime and anywhere with real time data and helpful analytical reports. This is key to making critical business decisions that could mean your company’s success or failure.
  • Offline and 24/7 Customer Support. The bar industry has different operating hours from other hospitality venues. Having an internet back-up and 24 hours customer support on technical concerns is vital to having an uninterrupted bar operations regardless of what time your business is open.
  • Third Party Software Integrations. A good POS system should equally be adaptive for future growth by permitting flexible integrations with other business software like Customer Relations Management (CRM), email marketing, and accounting.

POS System Cost Factors That Bars, Pubs & Clubs Must Consider

Investing on a Point Of Sale requires you to think about several factors. These include basically your company’s budget and the list of features you’ll need from a POS system given the nature of your business. All elements of a Point Of Sale system contribute to the total POS costs. Usually, the POS hardware makes up the largest amount as its costs go up with the number of units you’ll need.

Opting for a flat amount with add-ons pricing scheme can be a practical choice for POS software since it lets you focus initially on the necessary features. When faced with POS supplier proposals, go beyond the absolute amount and examine the set of features that go under each offer. For each feature, take a close look at the value solution that it brings to the total management of your business.

Find POS Systems For Australian Bar, Pub & Club Businesses

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